Case Study

National Community Church

Providing Direction, Visually.

National Community Church in Washington, D.C. struggled through almost three years of redesign attempts for their main website and had brought in a number of graphic designers. We simplified their process, encouraged collaboration through discussion and iterations, developed design and site goals, and ultimately provided a solution that all stakeholders were extremely pleased with.

Details, Details, Details

With National Community Church, we implemented a process we call “Style Directions.” The concept behind this approach is not new – it’s been talked about as far back as Obama’s first election campaign.

Oftentimes, design projects tend to bite off more than they can chew. Style Direction aims at design iterations and intimate client collaboration. We start small and begin building over time, keeping the deliverables and expectations more realistic and touch points more frequent. The end result for the client and us? Quick & easy wins!

Further, by first establishing a mutually agreed upon visual direction (as opposed to strict visual elements and layouts), we were able to move to a more fluid process of designing within the medium intended – in code in the browser itself. This offered many advantages, namely that National Community Church was able to remain fluid in designing within context.

The final outcome was a visual language and process that the client was thrilled with, but more importantly met each design and website goal that was established early in the process. The site will be launching imminently.

Establishing a strong visual language which National Community Church approved and stood behind empowered us to move forward with confidence, building upon a solid foundation. It established a core, which we knew we could only improve upon with each subsequent iteration.