Case Study

Fabulous Shoe Night

The Things We Do To Look Good

Fabulous Shoe Night is a national organization of women with a wicked sense of fashion and a defined social purpose. Fabulous Shoe Night had a few local chapters but struggled to spread their message beyond their local region. They needed the power of Internet presence.

Putting Their Best Foot Forward

Fabulous Shoe Night worked together closely with Synegema to establish an online presence. This included a full online strategy of allowing for social groups for each of the national chapters. Through a number of efforts – including their online presence – Fabulous Shoe Night has grown their national chapters over 200% in the last year alone.

With the growth of their online presence has come a required increase in online support for their chapter admins, members, event attendees, and guests. This all added up to over 200 individuals to support and train on a frequent basis. Synergema willingly rose to the task and developed a training program that met the needs of their leadership, while also providing a simple but intuitive helpdesk platform to support their membership.

For the past months, Synergema has averaged 3 minutes and 18 seconds for response time, with 56% of all tickets being answered and closed within 1 hour. 76% of all tickets are closed within the same day.

Through a detailed Internet strategy, an easy-to-use Web platform that allows for unlimited growth, and structured support and training system, Synergema has been able to assist Fabulous Shoe Night in achieving their growth goals. This allows Fabulous Shoe Night to focus on their mission, while Synergema supports their Internet infrastructure.