Case Study

CPFD Software

From Zero to Hero

CPFD Software is an innovator in the world of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation software. CPFD Software specializes in the reaction of how particles can impact fluidized bed reactors. They are a strong player and a team of specialists in their field, but their Website was lacking inbound traffic and marketing automation.

Embracing that newfangled marketing

CPFD Software’s leadership had a strong belief that their clients do not buy because of the Website or because of social media. Rather, they confidently preferred to generate leads and clients based upon relationships through the industry and conferences, along with other traditional selling methods.

However, CPFD Software recognized that the traditional way of selling software is not optimal in today’s changing climate. CPFD Software enlisted Synergema to research and define through numbers how the Website could best be used to engage potential customers.

Through long-tail keyword research, surveys, search trends, and talking with other clients, Synergema was able to identify substantial traffic volume originating from both the United States and internationally. This led us to justify a search and internet strategy to drive that traffic.

In a matter of three months after implementing the new strategy, CPFD Software’s site traffic grew by just over 300% and leads generated via the Website increased over 500%. Talk about business growth!

“Establishing a strong visual language which the client approved and stood behind empowered us to move forward with confidence, building upon a solid foundation. It established a core which we knew we could only improve upon with each consequent iteration.”