Case Study


The Bigger Picture

What do you do when you’re actually more accomplished than you appear to be?

A Diamond in the Rough

There are times, albeit rare, when a company is bigger and better than what they appear to be on the surface. AirVault was one such company.

As a proven industry leader and innovator in aviation maintenance records, their brand didn’t accurately convey that.

While this wasn’t a full-blown rebranding, our talented team of multi-disciplined designers were able to breathe some fresh air into the AirVault brand – both online and in print – effectively establishing them as the leader in their industry.

We accomplished this task, in large part due to high competency and skill sets in both the print and web design realms. It’s important to note that, while both share some general and universal design principles, each requires a unique expertise and passion for these different mediums. Internally, the team prides itself on the knowledge of tried-and-true print design principles of thoughtful creative direction, expert typography and plenty of breathable whitespace. We are also diligent in adapting those same principles to the ever-changing nature of the world wide web.

The end result was an ecosystem of graphics and visual styles that propelled AirVault to dramatically increased sales and an almost instant uptick of swagger in their industry.

“AirVault had so much to offer, but what they were putting out there wasn’t reflecting that. What they needed was a visual update to their branding, Website and materials. We set out to give them that boost in all of their mediums via design work that gave them a current look and feel.”