Case Study

ACFEA Tour Consultants

Bringing Music to the Globe

The challenge before us was to relaunch ACFEA’s web presence, while conjointly representing them as the leader in their industry and also placing emphasis on the experience for their groups – a rare opportunity to put their talents on display across the globe.

A cutting edge organization with a cutting room floor web presence.

By leveraging current web standards, technologies and commonplace web services, we were able to seamlessly integrate a vast library of assets to create a friendly and approachable experience for those interested in touring the globe.

Students returning from overseas tours did so with large numbers of photos and videos. We harnessed the Flickr and Vimeo API’s to display those dynamically to website visitors, while affording the website owners the ability to add this content in a workflow they were already accustomed to.

Global destinations, the bread and butter for ACFEA, were presented in a highly interactive and visual manner by making use of Google’s Maps API. Interested organizations can now see at a glance the density and reach that ACFEA has around the world. Whether by phone, tablet or desktop computer, users can interact with the map, getting access to all of the tours ACFEA currently offers.

In redesigning the client’s site, we knew that the integration of photo and video sharing sites and increasing overall accessibility were the keys in attracting the targeted users.