Our Story

Synergema was founded in 2004 with the goal of moving clients beyond brochure websites that were simply flat, two-dimensional calling cards. We wanted something different — something more powerful, and something more experiential.

Our name reflects our approach to business. Synergema comes from the Greek sinirmos, a word that describes how two bodies of water combine and continue to flow together. Such a confluence, as of two rivers, results in a single body of water made stronger and deeper by the merger. Instead of simply “collaborating” or “partnering,” Synergema truly comes together with our clients, combining talents, energy and resources to form a force that is more powerful and dynamic than either organization working alone.

While most companies were still trying to find a useful purpose for their Website – or in some cases still trying to decide if they even needed one, we were innovating and crafting strategies and solutions that were all about creating an “experience” for users.

Still, we felt there was more. So we set out to understand how we could create more value for our clients. If we could help them grow their businesses online and drive measurable results then we knew the art would meet the science. But until recently this goal was partially unreachable.

Then, in 2011, we joined forces with a search firm that specialized in both off-page and on-page SEO. Together we have been able to build exceptional experiences for our clients, drive search traffic, increase stickiness, improve lead generation, and grow sales. We are committed to continue to make results the focus of why we do what we do.