What Our Clients Say

Thank you for the transformation to the face of our organization (website). The entire process was the most impressive; Synergema was able to understand our needs/desires and created a site that was far beyond any capabilities and design that we could have imagined. The Synergema team consolidated all our information into a clean, concise, easily navigable site that allows us to communicate our products and services to our customers. We have received numerous compliments on the make-over to our website.

Greg Bayly – Sr. Director of Sales and Marketing at United Sports Training Center

Synergema is the best interactive partner I have ever worked with. Their understanding of both leading edge technology, real business applications, and client needs and output is outstanding! They continue to surprise me with their assessment of my business needs and continue to provide best-in-class solutions. Often times providing more than I even knew possible.

Jeanne Ryan – Creative Director, People to People Ambassador Programs

My company, EarlyStageProducts, has completed several complex market development projects with Synergema and the results of those efforts have been excellent. As is typical with major company and product launches, there are many moving parts, flexibility is a key contributor to success, along with creating a distinctive and compelling brand and associated web presence. Working with Synergema we met all these challenges and more for several clients and continue to receive rave reviews for our efforts. I would highly recommend Synergema’s services to any company where a multi-faceted approach to marketing and sales is required.

Michael Antonucci – Managing Partner, EarlyStageProducts

As a new business owner catering to a 100% female target demographic, I initially had concerns that the web design team at Synergema might not easily grasp, and then accurately translate, my notion of the web site I envisioned into something tangible, yet relatable, to my audience. Synergema hit it out of the park on the first try. As my business has rapidly grown, Synergema helped position us to accommodate future growth by identifying issues, as well as solutions, that later came to pass. That in itself showed me that they truly “got” my business concept. Synergema is the technological partner my business needs to go even further.

Jennifer Koenig McDevitt – President/Founder, Fabulous Shoe Night

Synergema is a team of highly skilled professionals. From the moment of our first meeting, they listened to what I wanted to portray for my eCommerce business. I felt throughout the process they helped me to achieve what I wanted on my website; a smooth, user friendly interface, with a clear message that would make my site stand apart from my competition. The Synergema team took a genuine interest in my vision and helped me to achieve that by asking great questions and really listening. I would highly recommend Synergema no matter your business size.

Dawn Schmitt – Founder, SendALittleSunshine.com

I am a very visual person and it’s often difficult for me to see how technology will be able to translate my ideas and concepts.Synergema’s Thinking process literally took my words, ideas and concepts and translated them into pictures that allowed me visualize how our website would look and flow. It was tangible confirmation that we made the right decision and that they were listening to who we are and what we want to communicate.

Chuck Kedra – Sr. Partner, Legacy Planning Partners

Synergema’s Thinking took our marketing goals and turned them inside out and examined them in light of the Internet. It was concise, thorough, and well documented. I recommend Discovery for any company looking for a total Internet marketing experience.

Jonathan Bohannon – President and CEO, Preferred Technologies Group/ Cartell Vehicle Detection

In terms of the Synergema’s process – I was very impressed. I liked the way the Q&A was more of an informal process and that Synergema was highly prepared for the session having done a lot of background work. I was also very impressed how they, very quickly, turned our feedback into a sensible, logical strategy and layout that made perfect sense for Cartell. The site map was a great visual as was the hard copy ”sketches“ that showed the rough layout. Overall, I think they did a great job. Both Brandon and Michael were knowledgeable and willing to answer questions. It was a great overall experience that I was glad to be a part of.

Sue Harper – President/Owner, Sharper Creative Group

Synergema was excellent. They helped us identify and focus on the most important characteristics and capabilities of the Website we need. The Synergema team was then able to create a recommended solution that was dead-on. It was refreshingly simple, yet creative and rich with capabilities and features that will be invaluable to our business.

Gary Treer – President/Owner of Gary Treer Communications, Inc

I came away from Synergema’s process with a clearer view of the organization where I work because of their great questions. Their goal is to understand what you need and what will work for your organization. They’re not just trying to sell pre-packaged products. I appreciate that.

Josh Bullock – Associate Pastor, Wyatt Baptist Church