Driving More Traffic

There are a lot of questions business owners and marketing directors are asking and they all center around driving more traffic to your Website. Here are some real questions real people are asking from Quora:

  • How can I increase my Website traffic?
  • How can I drive more traffic to your Website traffic with a small marketing budget?
  • What are some innovative methods to gain Website traffic?
  • What are some quality sources of paid Website traffic?
  • What is the best way to drive website traffic with Facebook & Twitter?
  • What is the most effective way to diversify website traffic for a niche eCommerce site?

Build It & They Don’t Come

As hard as this may sound there are small businesses, entrepreneurs, and established businesses alike that really believe that when they launch their Website that traffic will start flowing in. We truly wished it was that easy, but with the number of sites out on the Internet it is easier to find a pin in a haystack. To give you an idea:

With those statistics, it would definitely be easier to find a needle in a haystack. However, according to Moz.com that Americans alone conducted 20.3 billionsearches in one month. But when people think about search, they think about Google. Search is so much more bigger than Google alone.

Did you know that search happens is in a very diverse fashion. Did you know that people find you in:

  • Search Engines (yes, that’s the obvious one)
  • Facebook – Did you know that both Facebook and Twitter have their own searches that are searching their content but the Web.
  • Other Social Media Tools (yes, they have search engines too)
  • Geo-Location Tools – If you a business this can be Foursquare, Facebook CheckIn and others.
  • Review Sites – This would be sites like Yelp and local directories.

Your strategies to drive more traffic to your Website have to be bigger and broader than just search engine optimization (SEO). It can involved a number of strategies includes SEO, Pay Per Click AdWords, Retargeting, Advanced Segmentation, Social Media Marketing, Geo-Location Marketing, and much more.

Driving More Traffic to Your Website

Synergema employs a full range of strategies to attract and drive people to your business. Tactics alone are not enough, strategies help you to measure and monitor your success, but also help you to understand what strategies are actually costing you money versus turning a profit.