Syna, Syner, Sinur…Synergema!

What in the world is Synergema? We can get to that later, in the mean time here is what we do.

We deliver exciting web and social media experiences that enable organizations to do what they do better. In fact, that’s all we do. We focus, totally and exclusively, on the Internet, from Web sites to custom applications. Continued at blah, blah, blah… what makes us tic? Simple, we like people, the web, and interacting with both.

What Makes You Tick?

Do you love the internet but can’t stand when organizations settle for average sites and wish you had magic powers to clean it all up?

Do you love to “figure it out” and present great solutions to clients?

Do you take your work serious but love to laugh at yourself?

You can’t imagine “working the line” at another Acme Wiget Manufacture and don’t want the uncertainties of working for a startup that may go belly-up?!

It drives you nuts when you see putting a “follow us button” on a website presented as a “Social Media Strategy”.

You dig front end development, design, and coding the “back end”… you like it all!

You want to work on projects with purpose. You want your blood, sweat, and tears, to be invested on projects that have a meaningfully impact.

Can you can Rock for 5 minutes everyday?

What Will My Role Include?

You’ll put on your thinking cap and jump into the mix, no side liners here!

You’ll take ownership of a project from the get go and own that baby all the way to the end. You will be the conductor of the project life cycle symphony. If an instrument doesn’t sound right, then tune it up!

You’ll be the head of Synergema Care (not maintenance) supporting clients and guiding them to the next best thing for their site. You can bring the vision!

You’ll use your Web skills to be one of the wizards behind the curtain.

You can use your Creative juices to, invent, inspire, and ignite.

You’ll use your leadership quality’s to bring others along on your journey.

And you’ll laugh, play, and work with people who share your optimistic perspective. Dead serious, is dead!

Show Me The Money!

Ok, since you scrolled down to this sections first anyway. Lets get straight to the point. Since you love working in the web anyway why not do it for free? Just kidding!

Seriously, we want what you want. You want to get paid what you’re worth. So tell us what you’re worth! Write us an email – NO COVER LETTER copy and paste mumbo jumbo, just talk to us! You can keep it short, we know you’re applying for like a bazillion jobs. Tell us what you bring to the group, what you want to be making, AND what you need to be making to consider jumping in.

Sound Like Something You Would Be Into?

Here’s what we would like to see (it depends if you are in Sales, Design, Development, Strategy, etc.):

    • Some of the projects you have developed, designed, or collaborated on. There is no minimum but please don’t send us a hundred links, give us the “greatest hit album”. Briefly tell us your role in the project and why it was a success. You can leave out all the stuff that you wanted included or what the original design looked like but got left on the cutting room floor. If you want, you can tell us how you fought and defended your work to keep the elements you liked in the site.
    • What languages do you speak and how well? CSS2, CSS3, HTML5, Alien, SCSS, LESS, JavaScript, JQuery, Laravel, PHP…
    • What do you do with all your spare time… you know, between 3am and 4am! What gets you fired up, what are you passionate about?
    • Give us some personality! We don’t have a list of witty and creative questions to answer about your favorite superhero or what you want to be when you grow up. Just give us some personal flav!

      Back to Syna, Syner, Sinur…Synergema!

      We started Synergema, because we have a heart-felt desire to not be a “traditional” web development firm that creates just another website. The clients that are knocking at our door are frustrated with having built several websites that are beautiful but they do not meet the missional or functional goals that they have. They want someone to wrestle with their ideas, their concepts, and to design solutions that work, not only for today but for the future. We are working with organizations that are looking for thinkers not just another web designer/developer. This is why we choose the name Synergema for our agency.

      Synergema is a word picture that shows two rivers converging together to form one stronger river that flows into a waterfall. The waterfall is the project! However, once the project is over, we continue working together with our clients to form a unique relationship that allows us to continue to flow down the river together as one.

      We don’t turn widgets but what gets us excited about coming into work every morning is that we get to work with ministries and organizations that have a social impact and bigger ideas. We believe we are building wells and not widgets. Building a well doesn’t provide just water, it provides sustenance for crops and livestock that produces food thus jobs, which stimulates economies, and makes a difference for entire communities. In other words, our projects have a bigger impact than just a great design and cool effects.

      Still interested in working with Synergema?

      Drop us an email with the answers from the above questions.

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